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3D printing is the process of producing a physical three dimensional solid model from a digital file. Whether you are immersed in architecture, product design, industrial design, jewellery design, needing to print a custom part or just want to get creative; 3D printing is a great way to rapidly prototype or manufacture objects.

3D Objects; where unsuitable to fabricate by means of laser cutting such as models that are complex, detailed, organic in form and have curved surfaces or component based parts, are ideal for 3D printing. It is Also a great way to produce awesome models without having to do the manual work yourself!

Our 3D printing service allows for large prints with a maximum build volume of 300mm (L) by 300mm (W) x 450mm (H).              

If you’ve got a project in mind or your just curious about how you can get creative using our 3D printing services feel free to get in touch.

• Ability to Produce 3D objects that fulfil a range of needs, from prototyping through to finished components. Industrial and creative applications such as; model making, product prototypes, 3D moulds or parts for mold making, product design / finished products, jewellery, functional parts, replacement parts, 3D art and sculptures, etc.

• Fast turnaround time with multiple 3D printers in store. Maximum build volume of 300 (L) x 300 (W) x 450 (H) mm

• Our 3D printers print using PLA filament, choose from our printing options for resolution options and different colours / finishes.

• We allow prints to continue overnight to reduce turnaround time.

• We are located within Auckland's CBD.

Printing cost calculator

Feel free to use the cost calculator below to work out the potential cost of your prints.

3d printing prices

Our 3D printing is charged per hour we are confident that our prices per hour are the most competitive in Auckland. Our price per hour does not mean that you have to print for an hour to receive this rate, we will only charge you for the time of your specific job. Feel free to request a quote for your 3D model.

PLA Filament options
We offer a variety of different colours / material finishes; standard and specialty so feel free to check out the Printing options tab to browse our selection of PLA filaments available.

Layer Height options
Layer height determines the 'resolution' of your print.
We offer 3 options; low, medium and high.

Beside visual and resolution differences, layer height affects how long the print will take which will in turn contribute to the final price of your printed model. Refer to the Printing options tab to see a visual comparison.

price list

3D printing prices*
Students                                        $15.00 First hour + $10.00 p/h thereafter
Individual / Commercial              $20.00 First hour + $15.00 p/h thereafter

Pricing example:
Three hour 3D print quote
Student price: $35.00 ~ $15 (First hour) + $20 ($10 * 2hrs)
Individual / Commercial price: $50.00 ~ $20 (first hour) + $30 ($15 * 2hrs)

Requesting a quote
Email your STL file to us and specify PLA filament colour (printing options).
We will then estimate how long it will take, pick up time and price for your print(s).

(If no layer height preference is mentioned in your request, we will choose 'medium' or according to the nature of your model - recommended).

*Differentiating between student, individual and commercial jobs is at the discretion of the Make Shop team. If you would like a quote for a specific job please contact us. Students must provide a valid ID.

layer height resolution options
Example resolution prints are 55 (w) x 70 (L) x 40 (H) mm

0.3mm - 0.4mm

0.1mm - 0.3mm

0.05mm - 0.1mm

pla filament options










What file types do you accept?
STL files (universal 3D printing file format)
Whether you are using Rhino, Soildworks, AutoCAD, Sketchup etc, it is best to export your file as an .STL to make things simpler at our end.
If you have trouble exporting as an STL, try an OBJ file, otherwise feel free to contact us regarding your file conversion issue.

What is the maximum print size?
We have two print bed sizes :
300 (L) x 300 (W) x 450 (H) mm
280 (W) x 250 (L) x 300 (H) mm

Safe Minimum printable wall thickness 0.5mm.

If your model is larger then these dimensions, then you may have to split your model into multiple pieces to have them printed separately, which could be glued together afterwards.

What type of 3D printer do you have?
We currently have 2 3d printers;
Makerbot Z18 : 300 (W) x 300 (L) x 450 (H) mm
Flashforge Guider II : 280 (W) x 250 (L) x 300 (H) mm

The 3D printing that we provide is FFF Fused Filament Fabrication or also known as Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) which prints using PLA filaments.

What are some uses of 3D printed objects?
Prototyping and models, architectural, electronics, medical, footware, product design, moulds, tooling and casting, customised gifts and more.

Is my 3d model printable?
3D printing is a great choice of modelling as it is a great way to achieve models that would otherwise demand tedious time consuming manual assembly to create it. Organic architectural forms, building masses, functional parts that are not easily made by means of laser cutting are ideal for 3D printing.

Not all 3D models are suitable for 3D printing. In most cases being printed in PLA works out and looks amazing so send us your STL file and we will let you know whether or not we can print your model. Where possible leave time to make adjustments to your model, best not to give it to us last minute as adjustments may be needed.

Troubleshooting 3D models?
Sometimes your 3d model may have inverted faces or maybe not 'water tight / air tight' which may cause errors when printing such as void areas / missing surfaces etc. If you suspect or are unsure if your model has errors feel free to check out STL repair softwares such as MakePrintable or many others that can be found at All3dp.

Do you provide different colour / material finish options?
We stock a range of different colour / material composition PLA filaments,including standard finishes such as white, opaque, clear, black etc and specialty finishes such as wood, feel free to check out the printing options tab to see 3D printed samples of each material choice to help you make a decision of what best suits you.

How long will it take to 3D print my model?
The Layer height (resolution) you choose to have your model in will affect how long your model will take to print.

Our 3 layer height options:
Low resolution at 0.3mm - 0.4mm
Medium resolution at 0.1mm - 0.3mm
High resolution at 0.05mm - 0.1mm
Custom - If you want a specific layer height feel free to enquire.

If no layer height preference is mentioned in your request, we will choose 'medium' or according to the nature of your model - recommended.

If you would like to know how long your model will take to print, feel free to get in contact with us by emailing us your STL file and we will be able to get back to you with the price and how long it will take to print. 3D prints can take any where between 1 hour to 20 hours or even more, it really depends on the size, complexity, if your print needs support material / scaffolds and output layer height of your model.

What orientation should my model be in for 3D printing?
The orientation of your model can make a difference to the price of your print as support material / scaffolding may be required for some models. It varies from model to model but it is best to place your model on its largest flattest surface (orientated as the base surface). When printing multiple objects it is required that all objects are placed flat on the same plane, as again this reduces the need for support material, which in the end will mean a lower price for your prints. If you are unsure how to best orient your model feel free to flick us an email, we are always happy to help out!

My 3D print has extra bits that were not in my original model?
Some overhangs, cantilevers unsupported elements in your 3D print may may require supports / scaffolding to successfully print (this is added in the 3D print software). As for this type of 3D printing, physical material is needed to hold up elements that would otherwise print in mid air which would fall without supports to the build plate ending up in a string of mess. These supports can be removed, but please leave time to do this.

Do you run 3D prints overnight?
Yes, as some 3D prints can possibly take more than a day, or if a print is put on towards the end of the day, we let them run overnight and depending on your model this may possibly mean they will be completed and ready to pick up the next morning.

What is your usual turn around time?
We generally have a same day to next day turn around except during busy periods when our turn around time can extend to 2 days. For 3D prints turn around time depends on how long your print will take to be completed, once your file is submitted we provide a turn around time for your particular print.

Can I make a booking?
To make a booking, please send us your STL file to secure a spot in our queue for 3D printing. Please take into consideration that during hand in periods there may be longer wait times.